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Moving Through Transitions with Grace

I have been going through significant transitions lately, like most everyone I know. Change happens in all of our lives; it's natural and necessary. But it's uncomfortable, too. People are uneasy with the unknown and the unknown is a big part of transition times where there are changes in a job, a relationship, a home, or the death of a loved one.

Transition is how we got to where we are today. The more we embrace these phases instead of rushing through them (or doing our best to run from them), the more we can experience them with grace and move through them with ease.


The Profound Truth About Goosebumps

Have you ever wondered about goosebumps? You know, those bumps that appear on your arms when you experience or hear something profound? Most of us get them, but then don't think much of them. And me? Well, I look forward to goosebump experiences.

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Managing and Transforming Stress

Let's face it: this world is a very stressful place. Personal stress from financial strain, relationship difficulty, poor health, or universal stress from global sorrow and suffering and details of the 6'clock news can be almost too much to bear! Most of us walk around with depleted adrenal glands, as our bodies just can't take all the stressful input. Science has proven that a person can even die from too much stress. Does this inspire you, or perhaps scare you, to take steps toward better managing the stress in your life?


The Heat of Emerging Wisdom

Consider yourself forewarned: this blog entry is just for women! And more specifically for women over 45. If you've ever had a hot flash, a mood swing, a sleepless night, or all of the above at the same time, you probably know where this is heading! Yep, that's right it's time to talk turkey about menopause.


To Be Seen and Heard

Years ago when I attended Sonoma State University I took a class called When Children Are Seen and Heard. It was a profound class for me. It shifted the way I interacted with everyone around me. I made an inner commitment to consciously see and


Why Meditate?

I started meditating at the age of 16, sitting on my beanbag chair for 20 minutes before leaving for high school every morning. I loved the calming feeling it gave me. My mother even noticed a difference in me less restless, more focused, and definitely more calm. I think it helped my schoolwork as well. It didn't take long to get me hooked on this new routine even at the age of 16.