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To Be Seen and Heard

Years ago when I attended Sonoma State University I took a class called When Children Are Seen and Heard.  It was a profound class for me. It shifted the way I interacted with everyone around me.   I made an inner commitment to consciously see and listen to each person I was with from that point on.  Only then could I truly be present with them.

One skill I've found valuable is Active Listening.  It's a practice of getting your own thoughts and emotions out of the way, and really listening to the other person.  In our crazy, busy lives, who around us deeply sees and hears us?  Unfortunately, not many.  We want to make authentic connections with others, but we often get lost in our own thoughts, emotions, and expectations.

How to Do Active Listening:

  • When the other person is speaking, listen to them with your full attention.
  • Use your body language and eyes to show the person you are fully present for them.
  • Listen not only to their words, but also to the feeling they are communicating.
  • Afterwards, reflect back to the person exactly what you heard them say, so they feel truly heard and seen.
  • Switch roles and have them actively listen to you.

This practice of listening, seeing, and hearing is profound.  Today, try really listening to someone and allowing them to feel heard.  You may change their day, or possibly their life!

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