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The Profound Truth About Goosebumps


Have you ever wondered about goosebumps?  You know, those bumps that appear on your arms when you experience or hear something profound?  Most of us get them, but then don’t think much of them.  And me?  Well, I look forward to goosebump experiences.

When I’m coaching someone I pay close attention to this goosebump signal.  It usually means that what I’m hearing is profoundly true or right.  It’s a feeling that something is in alignment, which hits to the core of my emotional body and then expresses itself on my physical body.  I believe that it’s an instant recognition of the other person’s soul, and it’s my body’s way of saying YES to what I’m hearing!

Sometimes we get goosebumps when we’re alone – perhaps watching a dramatic occurrence before us (in real life or on the screen), or while experiencing a déjà-vu moment. 

Here are some other Intuitive signals to watch for:

  * A strong feeling in your gut of rightness

  * A clear image that comes into your mind, without trying or thinking

  * An inner voice of clarity giving you a specific message

  * A thought accompanied by a deep sense of inner peace or inner knowing

  * A certain physical sensation that you’ve identified with intuition

We should pay close attention when we experience any of these intuitive signals.  Our deeper, or intuitive, selves, are speaking to us in these instances.  Don’t let this special moment pass without being recognized.  Ask yourself: What truth am I perceiving right now?  Then listen for the answer and act on your Inner Guidance.

Learning about your own intuitive signals and skills is a profound part of the self-discovery process.  I offer special life coaching package rates for those who want to experience soul-shifting changes in their lives.  It might just give you goosebumps, too!

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