Ceremony Officiating

When we marry intention with action,
miracles happen

It is in the honoring of life's transitions that we give meaning to the fiber of life. The gathering of community members and family during these milestones is an ancient tradition, and one that can bring fullness, authenticity, and joy to everyone involved. I offer a full-range of celebration and ceremony facilitation that draws on the sacred power of Divine Source. I recognize and pay tribute to the life and essence of you and your loved ones.

Whether you are planning a Wedding, Commitment Ceremony, Blessingway, Welcome Birth Celebration, Home Blessing, Life Celebration, or Memorial Service, allow me to help you make your event a meaningful and memorable one.

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Support and Guidance

Wedding / Commitment Ceremony

Licensed in the State of California, I am authorized to conduct wedding and commitment ceremonies of your choosing. We can collaboratively write the ceremony or I can officiate using your own words. With a loving presence and wisdom-led guidance, I will help you manifest the ceremony of your dreams.

Pre-Marriage Coaching

Do you and your fiancé have a similar life vision? Have you been avoiding the discussion of challenging issues? Are you in alignment with each other around finances, career, child rearing, and communication? Perhaps you might be in need of some pre-marriage couples coaching. At Life Journey Coaching I offer a package of four pre-marriage coaching sessions, where all of these issues can be discussed in a supportive, open, and skillful manner. I will hold your trust as all issues of the heart are shared.

Pregnancy Blessing Ceremony (Blessingway)

Before a mother gives birth, she is in a hyper-attuned state of sensitivity. What a perfect time to gather those supportive friends and family around to bless and pray for her in a Blessingway. If you wish, I can incorporate chanting, hands-on blessing, and healing prayers into the ceremony.

Welcome Birth Celebration

Welcoming new life into this world can be one of the most joyous moments of parenthood. Marking the celebration of your child's birth with family, friends, and godparents at a Welcome Birth Celebration or Baptism can be just the kind of spiritual gathering you would hope for. These powerful circles can set the tone for a life supported by community and love.

Home Blessing

Clearing out the old energy and making way for the new creates space for more refined vibrations to enter. A home blessing is a tangible way to mark a new beginning in a residence. We will use flower essences or sage to help clear the space. Chanting and prayers can also be included upon request.

Life Celebration

Why wait for a memorial service to celebrate a life well lived and well loved? Gather together all whom you love and share in a meaningful and heart-opening way. Through story-telling, authentic sharing, photographs, music, and everyone's presence, this event can be memorable and deeply moving. I can help you plan and implement a life celebration of any kind.

Memorial Service

Death can come suddenly or slowly, but it is almost always overwhelming for those who are left behind. Celebrating the life of an individual who has passed can be a powerful and healing experience for all present. I help families create the ceremony that honors their loved one. With soft strength and spiritual sensitivity I lead ceremonies that will be forever treasured in the hearts of all.