Client Comments


You have a tenacity and perseverance to keep the process moving along so that I can achieve my highest and best goals. Also your highly developed intuition and insight allows you to support me and understand what I want to accomplish.
E.B. - Rosen Movement Teacher
With Patricia's strong loving presence and open, unimposing support, I was able to discover my own definition of spirituality, clear up confusions, and ground myself in my own spiritual practice.
K.M. - Flower Essence Practitioner
Thank you for such a supportive and loving opportunity to explore my deepest yearnings. Your gentle manner, deep listening and insightful questions helped me clarify and turn around my limiting beliefs. I was very touched that you meditated about our session before I arrived. That demonstrated such a clear intent on your part to be present for me, and whatever I brought to the session.
S.C. - Integrated Awareness Teacher
I am very much looking forward to our next session. I'm so happy right now in my life, truly happy and full of peace and joy. I know much of this was attained by the work that we did together. And, I'm so pleased that this state of being not only is maintained from week to week, but seems to heighten with time.
M.G. - Marketing and Public Relations
You definitely channel a loving, bright spirit, especially when you're listening to people, helping them, and making a difference in their lives. With a special combination of spirit and passion you just exude joy and confidence
N.W. - Licensed Counselor
I was fractured after the loss of my father, and paralyzed with waves of grief. To be assured from a gentle, calming place that I will get through these hard times of losing a loved one is truly a gift of blessing. I gained understanding of the grief process and how it affects all aspects of my being,
D.A. - Entrepreneur, Businessman
Last year I was struggling with some directional decisions about my life and work. In the course of one extended coaching session, Patricia listened carefully and calmly to my situation and helped me draft a plan using her consummate skills as a spiritual guide, clear thinker and creative co-planner. Patricia held a very peaceful yet enlivened space while taking me through a process, both visionary and practical that was grounded in real life steps to follow. She also provided compassionate clarity to the issues that felt difficult. Today I am happily settled in my life, have full-time work, and can see a clear direction for my future.
S.A.S. - Marriage and Family Therapist Intern
My coaching sessions with Patricia were inspiring and enlightening on so many levels. Patricia's "tools for discovery" are designed for a thoughtful and systematic approach to reaching your goals. However, it is her unique and gracious style of support and encouragement that fosters one's success.
K.S. - Human Resource Manager, Artist
The spiritual retreat you led was wonderful, beyond imagination. I learned, I shared, I was quiet, I laughed, I created, and I left with a heart full of love, peace and spiritual knowledge. Thank you for a day not to be forgotten.
C.P. - Pet Care Services
I requested a telephone consultation with Patricia because I was feeling depressed and struggling with my relationship with my grown daughter. Patricia listened and then gently responded to my situation with keen, direct, and kind words. She helped me to see the big picture, assisted me in writing a succinct and honest letter to my daughter, and inspired me to speak up for my own values with other family members. At the end of our phone session, Patricia offered words of wisdom that soothed my nerves and gave me hope. Today I have a wonderful relationship with my daughter.
B.A.J. - Dyslexia Education Specialist
Patricia has provided me tools and support to discover myself. I now feel good about my uniqueness, and have more confidence and a clearer vision of what I want to include in my life/work path. I feel less anxious and more positive. Best of all, I've learned how to call on my own inner strength to guide me through life.
J.G. - Artist, Entrepreneur
Recently my former husband invited me to go back to Illinois for a small family gathering because he knew he was dying. I had a lot of fears around this visit, so I hired Patricia to coach me through the process. We worked with my fears and limiting beliefs. Through her compassion, skilled listening, and broadened perspective of my soul's journey, Patricia helped me to see the possibilities for healing, understanding, and even enjoyment. I ended up going on that trip, healing old wounds, rebuilding relationships, and today I am committed to my inner growth more than ever.
E.B. - Rosen Movement Teacher
I wanted to deepen my spiritual practice, so I began attending various spiritual inquiry groups that Patricia facilitates. I am learning not only practical applications of living a spiritual life, but also have experienced the subtleties in being able to meditate and chant more deeply. I now feel the presence of the Divine more frequently in my every day life.
I.C. - Entrepreneur
The session with you last night was so valuable for me. I cannot begin to tell you how much lighter I feel today. I am not just spinning my wheels, so to speak, and I finally have hope.
Thank you! Thank you!
W.A. - Teacher
Patricia performed a beautiful ceremony in our home to honor the passing of my dear wife, Indigo. On short notice she assembled a ritual that included song, poetry, meditation, and prayer that was very meaningful to my family and friends. The counseling she provided helped me to ease my grief and connect deeply with the Divine.
D.C. - Handyman
Patricia has an innate ability to ask the right question, listen carefully, and then with what appears to be divine intervention, assist clients in digging down into the essence of their lives. As a highly regarded and successful business owner of 21 years, I was guided by Patricia to find the next exciting path for my work, which will once again support my heart. She has wisdom and talent. The abundant work she has done on herself enables her to guide clients toward their divine purpose. She is a breath of fresh air and being in her presence makes it easy to exhale.
M.G. - Marketing and Public Relations
You have a great gift for clear communication and the rare facility for guiding groups with a warm sense of awareness, while maintaining structure and boundaries. You really shine when you share insights that allow others to see and learn new ways to move forward in their lives. You help me maintain a connection and commitment to Spirit/God, and always make me feel genuinely cared for and supported. You are a skilled coach and teacher who works with natural ease and great integrity.
I.L. - Writer
Many thanks for such a beautiful day of retreat! Your thoughtful preparations in every detail were apparent today, as always. You continue to help me peel away the layers and discover my spiritual connection to God and the truth about me. You offer a safe and encouraging atmosphere in which to explore, and are so supportive of our journeys. Many, many thanks!
K.S. - Human Resources Manager, Artist
At Life Journey Coaching, Patricia creates a very supportive environment for change and growth. I always feel unconditional love coming from her. She brings her deep spiritual understanding and practices into her coaching work.
-T.W. - Contractor