Groups and Classes

Where two or more are gathered, possibilities soar

I offer a wide range of groups, classes, workshops, and events. These experiences allow clients to work on a group level with the support of others who have similar interests. These groups can be very powerful. The outcome is often a heightened sense of engagement in life and inner growth. Please inquire about any group you might be interested in joining.

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Current Offerings

Inner Renewal Saturdays 2019

Jan 19, Feb 23, March 23 and April 13

On scheduled Saturdays you may come and join me at my coaching studio for a group meditation, a brief sharing of insight on a spiritual topic followed by a group discussion, and ending with focused healing prayers for those in need. 9:00am-10:45am. Suggested donation: $5-$10. RSVP if you like, but not required.

Women's Support Group

This women's group allows for the benefit of soulful support, opportunities to enhance personal growth, and the development of lasting bongs with other women in our community. Personal sharing, discussion, writing, and coaching are included in every meeting. The group is on-going, meets twice a month, and accepts new members every year in August. Call for more information.

Reoccurring Offerings

A Journey to Your True Calling


Last winter a client gave me a book to read, titled, The Great Work of Your Life - A Guide for the Journey to Your True Calling. As a life coach helping others find meaning in their lives, this well-written book captured my interest, as well as my heart, so I developed a course around it. This 13-week class series will require some writing and a short, weekly reading of one chapter outside of class, so that we all come prepared for discussion. The discussion will be based on the weekly chapter, as well as how it pertains to our own journey and exploration of our true calling. The writing will be reflections on our own lives. My hope is that everyone will come out of this class series knowing what is his/her true calling - whether it be a passion, an interest, a career, a lifestyle, a creative expression, a business, or a pursuit of the heart! Cost: $390 (or two payments of $210); book included in price. Limited to 10 participants (women & men).

Clear Perception - The Light of Meditation and Intuition

Are you sensitive or perceptive? Do you know how to access your soul connection? Learn how to identify types of intuitive experience, recognize your own intuitive signals, and develop your intuition through meditation and other sensitive means. This 4-week course is comprehensive and can help set you on a positive pathway of regular meditation and inner listening.

Spiritual Study Group

This Spiritual Study Group meets twice a month at 
Life Journey Coaching. We start each gathering with chanting and a short meditation. Currently we are reading and discussing the book, Man's Eternal Quest: Collected Talks & Essays on Realizing God in Daily Life, by Paramahansa Yogananda. This is a drop-in group, so come when you can. We will read a new chapter each gathering. If possible, please bring your own copy of the current book. Sliding scale: $5-$15. 

Going For It - Living Life with Less Anxiety and Stress


We all want to to live happy and fulfilled lives. But this world can be a tough place with the compiled stress and demands made upon us. An important question that many of us are asking ourselves is how we can lessen the stress and maximize joy, peace, and awareness. This class series addresses this question. It is for women and men who are ready and open to exploring how to make these shifts in their lives. Together as a group we will examine what holds us back from living a balanced life, and how we can permanently make needed changes for the better.

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An Evening of Kirtan ~ Devotional Chanting with Heart


These inspiring evenings of kirtan, devotional chanting and meditation, are offered throughout the year. Chants are in English and Sanskrit and help to open your heart to the spiritual connection within.

Grief & Transition Group: A 6-week Journey


After losing a loved one, having sufficient support, education, and tools enables those experiencing grief to slowly transition toward acceptance. This 6-week support group includes positive strategies, self-care, reflective writing, guided meditation, somatic exercises to alleviate stress, and creative expression. Sundays, November 3, 10, 17, 24 and December 8, 15. No group during the Thanksgiving weekend. 3:00-5:30pm. $249 for the series. Includes a 2-hour private coaching session. Facilitators: Patricia London and Marjorie Favuzzi.

Grief Group 2013 flyer.pdf

How-to-Meditate Class Series


A gentle approach to meditation instruction and practice through breath awareness, this class series guides one through the struggles and joys of all that meditation can be. Meditation increases a connection to your own Inner Awareness. This class is offered once a year, but private instruction is also available upon request.

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Touching the Sacred ~ A Personal Retreat Day


This retreat is a precious gift of renewal as we spend the day together, quietly exploring our inner realm through breath, gentle movement, music, writing, and art. Offered periodically, this is an opportunity not to be missed.