Why Life Coaching?

When a person feels
profoundly heard and seen,
an opening to their authentic self
can emerge


Clients hire a life coach when they feel some sense of dissatisfaction in their career, relationships, health, finances, or life in general. Some clients feel stuck, struggle with decision-making, or want to improve their ability to communicate, focus, or discern. Others are seeking spiritual direction or a safe place to explore deeper life questions, meaning, and purpose.

The life coaching process assists individuals to clarify their values, goals, and purpose, and then guides them through the steps to fruition. Limiting beliefs often surface along the way. Identifying and releasing these beliefs, often leads to the discovery of passions, dreams, and hidden gifts. Through deep listening, soulful exploration, and intuitive guidance, both coach and client are able to access valuable information from the heart, mind, and soul. The client emerges with confidence and renewed energy, allowing them to walk their journey toward a balanced and happy life.

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Support and Guidance

Soulful Living

Soulful living leads one
to a life of clarity, joy, and connection

Living soulfully means learning to live in one's authentic self. That place of wholeness and balance can only be realized when you're fully present with all that has been, all that is, and all that can be. A client who struggles in this area might tend to live in the past, or feel challenged to experience joy in life. We are on the journey to self-awareness, but need more guidance. Soulful living asks us to be honest and true with ourselves. We learn to listen outwardly and inwardly. We begin to prioritize our relationships with self and Spirit. When this solid foundation is established, true emotional, physical, and spiritual health exists.

Discovering Right Livelihood

When one is able to work and live in alignment with one's life passions,
there is an inner joy that bubbles up
and spreads out into all parts of one's life

Right livelihood is the expression of one's inner calling manifest either in a career or in one's life work. Living rightly means living according to one's deepest desire to express gifts, talents, and passions in the world. If a person's work is dry or uninteresting, or provides little or no fulfillment, it is probably not the right work for them. Through a values-oriented practice, I help my clients identify their deepest calling and discover the qualities they want to experience. We then make a plan for the desired changes. Limiting beliefs often arise in this process, but I offer many tools to overcome the stumbling blocks. When you are living your right livelihood, you have work that is genuinely fulfilling, is in alignment with your values and soul purpose, and ignites your inner being. A life fulfilled in right livelihood is fulfilled in a genuine and complete way.

Nourishing Communication

The quality of one's relationships is equal to the quality of communication

Communication is one of the greatest challenges in a relationship, whether it be an intimate relationship, a business relationship, or between friends. Many of us never learned how to communicate skillfully with others. I teach a powerful technique called Soulful Communication, developed by Heidi & Jim Noh-Kuhn. The heart of this technique is for each party to gain clarity through the sharing of thoughts, feelings, needs, and wants. This safe exchange of perspectives and deep listening often results in resolution of conflict, renewed clarity, and a profound sense of understanding and intimacy.

Supporting Life Transitions

Change can be helpful, as it opens new doors to possibility

Change can affect many areas of our lives, such as relationships, career, housing, and spirituality. Transitions, even when desired, can be emotionally challenging for most of us. They can also hold great gifts. It is important to pause and absorb any major life change before journeying forward. Going too fast can often cut us off from deep insights and personal growth. My work is to patiently help you be present for the process of change.

Although transitions can vary, the way we explore them is often the same. First we look at the story, the feelings, and the beliefs that surround the issue. We allow for breathing room, deep listening, and compassion. We let ideas, hopes and dreams rise to the surface. We move through a visioning process, and explore the yearnings of the soul. We then set up a specific plan, and as a coach, I help walk you through the steps to get there. The doors of new possibility opened by transition usually bring renewed strength, hope, and energy.

Pre-Marriage Coaching

Aligning pathways for a joyful and cooperative life

Do you and your fiancé have a similar life vision? Have you been avoiding the discussion of challenging issues? Are you in alignment with each other around finances, career, child rearing, and communication? Perhaps you might be in need of some pre-marriage couples coaching. I offer a package of four pre-marriage coaching sessions, where all of these issues can be discussed in a supportive, open, and skillful manner. I will hold your trust as all issues of the heart are shared.

Inspiring Motivation

As we stand in what is true,
we can then calmly look ahead to the possibilities of what can be.

Often we resist the very things we say we want. Fear is at the core of resistance. The best door to open and release fear is simply, love. I work on a very intuitive level to help release fears, transform limiting beliefs, and motivate behavioral changes. As we stand in what is true, we can then calmly look ahead to the possibilities of what can be. With my positive outlook, open heart, and inner guidance, I walk with my clients through their fears and out the other side to a more joyful and healed life.

Focusing and Time Management

You may have the ability to perceive multi-dimensionally.

Whether you have Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.), or struggle with focusing and time-management, there are helpful tools and strategies I can offer you to make life easier. For 13 years I worked in the field of A.D.D. and dyslexia as an education specialist, and many of my acquired skills are helpful in the coaching environment. A.D.D. is the ability to perceive multi-dimensionally. I embrace the notion that A.D.D. is a talent, and teach ways to self-manage the struggle, along with the talent.

Grief and Loss Support

Grief is a doorway to our deepest self.

Going through the grief process after losing a loved one is painful for most people. Well-versed in the arena of death and dying, I offer sensitive and directed grief guidance including: positive strategies, self-care, reflective writing, guided meditation, somatic exercises to alleviate anxiety, and creative expression. Sufficient support, education, and tools allow those experiencing grief to slowly transition toward acceptance of the loss, while developing a deeper sense of self-awareness.