Meet Patricia

My great joy in life is watching the transformation in my clients as they come into alignment with their highest selves and begin to realize their hopes and dreams. Being a life coach is a calling that brings together the teaching I have done all my life and merges it with my spiritual training. My job as a coach is to help people manifest in their lives what they long for deep inside. One client said of my work, "You have a tenacity and perseverance to keep the process moving along so that I can achieve my highest and best goals. Also your highly developed intuition and insight allows you to support me and understand what I want to accomplish."

How I Work
So many people never realize their dreams because they are unable to face the mental, physical or emotional obstacles that block their path. Often what they need is someone to create a safe space, helping them to believe in themselves and see expanded possibilities.

When people feel stuck and unsure of where life is leading them, I help articulate and reflect back their limiting beliefs. I also assist individuals to discover and uncover passions, dreams and hidden gifts. I practice deep listening to words people use, and to what the heart and soul are expressing. I help people clarify and choose the next right step on their life journey, while we work to resolve the obstacles that stand in the way. I offer tools and support to help people stay on track in realizing their dreams. People seek life coaching to deal with challenging issues such as emotional blocks, grief and loss, career transitions, spiritual inquiry, illness, marriage, and divorce. Sometimes the greatest gifts are found by gleaning the wisdom from painful or transitional experiences.

One reason I can do this for others is that I have struggled with some of the same issues confronting my clients. I have walked through the darkness and come out the other side into the light. Because of my own journey, I am able to hold hope and possibility for people mired in doubt, fear, pain or depression. This process takes time, but I am very patient, and I have the ability to hold other peoples' pain without being pulled into it. My passion is to assist people on their journey toward growth and transformation. I do this through being present, listening deeply to others, asking reflective questions, and giving guidance through a detailed visioning process. While holding the big picture perspective, I help others to walk their life path, as we both discern the needed steps. Through many years of meditation I have developed wisdom that allows my intuition to guide my work. I have deep compassion and the ability to maintain perspective with healthy boundaries. I guide individuals and groups on sensitive journeys while staying attuned in a deep and connected way.

I believe when true self-knowledge emerges, there is not only the potential to heal and transform oneself, but also the possibility to heal and transform the planet.

History and Experience
Unofficially I have been coaching others most of my life. From an early age I was in touch with and followed my inner compass. I have gone where I felt guided and where doors opened. This led me to work in an orphanage in Germany right out of high school, where I became a teacher and a mentor. Throughout the years, I have worked as an elementary school teacher, a Brain Gym practitioner, an educational tutor, and a counselor.

While in high school I began to meditate daily. My meditation practice has evolved and deepened over more than three decades and is a vital foundation of my life and work today. During the 1980s I lived and worked at an intentional community where I broadened my skills as a teacher and eventually became a minister.

In 1992 I moved to Sonoma County and launched a career as an educational tutor for those with A.D.D. and dyslexia. Later I completed my B.A. at Sonoma State University in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Education and Human Development.

In early 2008 I fell and severely broke my ankle. While in bed for six weeks I had much time to think. This period of complete surrender was profound. When I recovered I enrolled in the two-year training at Dare to Dream Life and Business Coaching. In July of 2010 I became a certified life coach and opened a private coaching practice. Today I delight in seeing clients at my Life Journey Coaching studio in Sebastopol, California. When I am not coaching I enjoy traveling, hiking, bike-riding, cooking, nature photography and peaceful moments at home.

Photography on this website created by Patricia J. London.

Education / Certifications

B.A. Liberal Studies/Education
Sonoma State University, CA

Certified Life Coach
Dare to Dream Life & Business Coaching, CA

Education Specialist
Dyslexia & Learning Disability Center, NV

Licensed Minister
Universal Life Church, CA

Certified Brain Gym Practitioner
Educational Kinesiology Foundation, CA

Certified Reiki Practitioner
Mary McFadyen, Takata Master Reiki Trainer, CA



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