Why Spiritual Mentoring?

Honor your inner world

Those who are seeking a spiritual mentor are either wanting to broaden their spiritual understanding, explore questions of the soul, or are grappling with feelings of spiritual discouragement or anger. Together, mentor and client will gather the seeds of these opportunities, ask and investigate the important questions, and for some, eventually plant a new garden anchored in the client's core spiritual values.

The role of a spiritual mentor is to honor, support, and sensitively guide those who are exploring the path of spiritual inquiry. Creating a safe space, confidentiality, and all expressions of the heart are held as sacred. Through this, clients can explore freely, come to terms with their spiritual beliefs, and find more peace in life.

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Support and Guidance

Access Your Inner Guidance

Realize your divinity and soul direction

As we walk the spiritual path, many of us have moments of realization that there is more to our existence than this physical world. We feel this greater energy, but we don't know how to tap into, trust, or make use of it.

To provide my clients with a direct experience of accessing their inner guidance, I begin sessions with a guided centering. When I work with a client, I listen to their words, but also what their heart and soul are saying. As we explore the inner realms of Spirit and Soul together, I help my clients learn to respect and listen to their own inner voice.

Together, we find what Truth is for them, and explore the possibilities of their spiritual nature. As a result my clients learn to trust their intuition and make confident life choices.


Meditation Instruction

In meditation lies the key to inner peace and happiness

Most of us have chattering thoughts that just won't turn off! This kind of mental overflow blocks the potential for inner peace or elevated states of clear intuition. Meditation cuts through these blocks and reveals undreamed of possibilities. For those who are seeking spiritual nourishment, meditation can be the pathway to a direct experience of Spirit.

I have been teaching meditation practice for over 25 years. My approach is gentle, clear, and joyful and blends the spiritual with the practical. There are many forms of meditation, but the one that is closest to my heart works with the gentle flow of the breath, which helps to calm the mind. I offer individual meditation instruction, as well as group instruction in a course entitled Embracing a Meditation Practice.


Inspirational Group Chanting

Chanting opens the heart to reveal the soul

Those who chant with great devotion are some of the happiest people I know on this planet. Devotional chanting can be a pathway to divine realization, as you open your heart to the depth of spiritual connection and inner joy. Along with playing the harmonium (a hand-pumped keyboard instrument), I know hundreds of chants and devotional songs in English and Sanskrit. I share these with others in the form of kirtan, or group chanting. Throughout the year I offer kirtan, which I often co-lead with a friend who plays guitar. Please inquire for more information about time and location.


Harmonium Instruction

Saturate your being with the joy of spiritual music

The harmonium is a hand-pumped, freestanding keyboard instrument that is quite easy to play. I discovered the harmonium at age 21, and haven’t stopped playing it since. There are hundreds of chants and devotional songs, both in English and Sanskrit, that I enjoy sharing with others. I am a patient teacher and welcome students of any caliber. Learning to chant and play harmonium will greatly add to your spiritual and devotional practices.


Spiritual Retreats

Silence is golden

Taking time to experience inner quietude is a great gift you can give yourself, and doing it in the form of spiritual retreat can focus even the most restless individuals. Learning to appreciate, enjoy, and even yearn for inner stillness is developed over time. Throughout the year I lead spiritual retreats ranging from one to three days. Contact me to be notified of my schedule.


Spiritual Pilgrimage and Group Travel

Sacred journeying nourishes the soul

Meditating and praying at sites that have been energized with a strong spiritual vibration deepens the inner spiritual connection. Journeying with others, especially those with shared values, feeds our longing for spiritual community.

After many years of going on world wide spiritual pilgrimage, I now organize and lead customized programs. Contact me to receive notification about upcoming excursions.